Thursday, 14 September 2017

Kayan Mata in Details

Hi Ladies,
Welcome to my page. I have been inconsistent (I know right? ) with posting information on here but not to worry, am back. You must have heard of Kayan Mata  sex enhancement for women (most likely why you are visiting this blog). To clear the air, Kayan Mata is not jazz or fetish. It is a combination of herbs, fruits and spices used to enhance your femininity and sexuality. From personal experience both as a seller and user, it is more like adding chocolate on your vanilla ice cream for a wonderful blend of taste and excitement. I hope you get the gist now?  Just like men take Viagra, Alomo, Sabrina and the likes to enhance their longevity in bed, that's just Kayan Mata works. It works in various ways for different body types.  This means everybody's experience is similar but not exactly the same. Kayan Mata originates from the Northern Nigeria and as far as Niger Republic, Chad and Saudi Arabia. Even Yorubas have theirs. It can be made by anybody as it is mostly a combination of different fruits, spices and herbs but potency of each one varies. Some women have been involved in this for many years and they know their ways around it while some are new (in fact very new) to the game. If you have a question, you can drop a comment or send a mail to for more details.

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