Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sex Resolutions 2017 with Original Kayan Mata

Sex resolutions are just like regular resolutions: You make them after reflecting on the past and deciding how you want things to be different in the future. There’s no such thing as a "bad" sex resolution, as long as it works towards making sex more comfortable, pleasurable, and exciting for everyone involved. That could mean taking a whole new approach to the bedroom. Even the smallest changes can lead to a world of difference, and it’s never too late to try something new. The same old, same old is so 2016.


  • Be more open with your partner about your desires: Something that facilitates the introduction of these new ideas into your sex routine is honest and open communication with your partner. "Some partners will take offense and feel pressured if you surprise them with porn or something new," while "Others will be delighted." Make sure you're putting your partner first. If you're not sure if they'd like something, just ask!
  • Invest in sexy lingerie: As long as you're confident, any lingerie is sexy, and am a big fan of saving it for special occasions. 
  • Step outside of your comfort zone: But not too far. Never do anything that doesn't make you feel good for the sake of a resolution. Rather, use this as an opportunity to experiment with something you've always been curious about but have maybe been hesitant about trying. With Fifty Shades of Grey taking over pop culture, i will recommend bondage. The truth is, consent is everything, honesty is everything, and just being open with someone regarding your inner most desires shouldn't be shameful. I advise hitting up your local toy store and grabbing some accessories, whips, masks, hand cuffs and just casually implementing them into your usual routine.
  • Don’t let romance fall to the wayside: While our brains can get very "sex, sex, sex," certain intimate relationships benefit from something a little more tender. Simply appreciating each other and showing that appreciation and value in romantic terms is rare and valuable today.
  • Get outside of the bedroom:
    Always try to make love in a different place at a different time.  A simple change in location or shaking off of your old routine makes the sex feel brand new. and please don’t rule out the outdoors, it adds thrill to the exercise.

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